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Screw the Scale

  • STARTJun 19th - 9:45am

  • ENDJun 19th - 11:00am



Join us for an 8-week strength and (em)power program like you’ve never seen! We are saying NO to the scale and YES to our bodies. Learn how to use various formats of workouts to achieve different results. Learn to listen to your body. Learn to push yourself based on how you FEEL. Most importantly, you’ll learn that you are not defined by numbers on the scale and that your body should be loved for all the strength and power it holds inside.
Throughout the 8 weeks you’ll experience interval, strength, power and stretching classes that will have you sweating, sighing and cheering by the end. The best part? At the end of this 8-week program we’ll celebrate with an all-out, all-empowering Screw The Scale Bash! BOOM!
Event Details
June 19, 2018
9:45 am - 11:00 am
Event Organizer
Trish Moleschi
Event Venue
Tomlinson Park
1765 Tomlinson Common, Edmonton, Alberta, T6R2W8, Canada.
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